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How To Be Essentially Stylish

If there is one undeniable truth in fashion it is that the only constant is change. If you care for your appearance and how you present yourself to the world, maintaining an interest in changing trends is important but the essence of style is using these trends to accent your own core sense of self.

The importance of a few evergreens, a stylish base layer upon which one can build a subtly evolving wardrobe, therefore cannot be understated. Look carefully at many male fashion icons, and you’ll often find that their fashion genius lies in the careful selection of a few staples rather than a magpie-like approach to mixing and matching the shiny and new. Where would James Dean be without his white t-shirt and timeless straight-leg jeans?

We’ve recommended a few good core pieces to help you build your core wardrobe quickly and easily, and from here you can really begin to flex your voguish muscles.

The Plain T-Shirt

This might seem obvious. But the right t-shirt can unlock the rest of your outfit like (almost) no other item. You want something that’s fitted enough to avoid looking slouchy, but roomy enough to convey a sense of casualness, of comfort in one’s own skin. We suggest one of our knitted cotton crew neck tees, in a simple white or light grey – an understated classic, one of these with go with anything.


Knitted Cotton Crew Neck T-Shirt


Dark, Slim Jeans

Again, a great pair of jeans seems so blatantly essential that it shouldn’t need suggesting. As a base to build your style on stick to something in plain dark colours – which never go out of fashion - and a slim – not skinny – fit, for a jean that won’t let the side down. Treatments, OTT blasting, designer “wear and tear” – leave it for the try-hards and try these instead.


Slim Leg Indigo Stretch-Denim Jean


The Oxford Brogue

Has there ever been a more elegant male shoe than the Oxford brogue? Perfect with virtually any suit, and (still) relevant enough to accompany one of your smarter pairs of jeans, it’s hard to find fault with a pair of these. We think we might have your pair here


Solid Sneakers 

For those rare occasions on which your brogues are perhaps a little too elegant – it’d be a shame for their perfectly-buffed leather to be tarnished by a spilt pint or a splash of festival mud, for example – you’ll need an alternative that remains snappy, but is perhaps a touch more comfy and casual. A decent pair of leather sneakers, such as these, should see you right.


The Dark Suit

Whether it’s for a day in the office, a high-pressure interview or a glitzy wedding, the modern man needs a suit that can work for any occasion. Finding the right fit for your shape is the most important consideration in any suit purchase. The fine lines and intricate tailoring of our X-slim-fit wool-rich suits make for a classy, versatile look that’ll set you in stylish stead, whatever the event. We offer many suits in both slim and our more generous “tapered” fit to give you the freedom to find the right suit for you.


The Wool Sweater

We hate to break it to you, but winter isn’t far away. Luckily, here at Remus Uomo, we love layering – the opportunities for fashionable combinations and juxtapositions presented by chillier conditions are near-endless. Again though, it’s hard to overstate the importance of a solid basic, so protect yourself from the elements with one of our fine gauge Merino wool-blend jumpers – ideal for wearing over a shirt or under a tweed jacket for a perfectly stylish layered look. 


Slim Fit Merino Wool-Blend Crew Neck Sweater


We’ve created a capsule collection of wardrobe essentials to make it even easier for you to shop the foundations of your future style. Let us know what else we should include on Facebook, Insta or Twitter!