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Parallel Cities: Part Two

Dublin, a city on the vanguard of Europe’s technological and cultural development, is a place of parallels. Ireland’s capital balances many ostensible opposites – cutting-edge modernity sits along a deeply held respect for tradition. While the famous irish sense of fraternal joviality is married with clear-eyed business nous. The beauty of this place is that it manages to blend these seeming opposites to emerge with a distinct, remarkably coherent character.


Two weeks ago, we introduced you to the first half of this city of Parallels: uptown Dublin, and its appropriately formal sense of modern style. This week, let us guide you through looser, more relaxed ‘downtown Dublin.’ And of course while we’re at it, we’ll ensure you’re fully equipped to look the part.


Drury Buildings

A bar and restaurant that embraces some parallels of its own, self-described online as “a mix of Berlin exterior and New York interior”, Drury Buildings is one of our favourite Dublin spots for a coffee, light bite or cocktail (take it from us: their mixologists are second-to-none). Complement its welcoming cosmopolitanism with an urbane yet laidback look; we suggest this long-sleeve polo in on-trend forest green, slim black jeans, leather sneakers and a twill short overcoat.


 Drury Building



Fade Street Social 

No visit to Dublin would be complete without a thorough exploration of its plentiful gastronomic delights, and we know just the place to start. Dylan McGrath’s Fade Street Social seeks to celebrate the best of Irish cuisine, using locally sourced ingredients and traditional cooking methods to dazzling effect. Their motto is “The very best of homegrown produce, food assembled in an uncomplicated way - freshness is the real hero.” Well, we can’t argue with that, so why not match that wholesome simplicity in your outfit? We’d opt for the clean lines of a tapered Oxford shirt, dark chinos and understated derby wedge shoes.


 Fade Street Social



The Gibson Hotel

A masterclass in uncomplicated elegance with easy access to the city centre, the airport and the ferry terminal, the Gibson is our go-to hotel whenever we’re in town. Once you’ve had a little time to settle into your room, head to the hotel bar in style: for these surrounds, we recommend a high-necked merino wool zipped sweater over a long-sleeved polo, white leather sneakers and slim, dark jeans.


 The Gibson Hotel



Remus Uomo, St Stephen’s Green      

To dress the part for both sides of the city, come and visit us in our new flagship store, which overlooks the grand St Stephen’s Green. We’re loving settling into our new home, and we want to make sure you get the most of this superb, multifaceted city as possible. 


Remus Uomo - Dublin