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Perfectly Groomed

The modern wedding: often beautiful, occasionally awkward, seldom perfect. As rewarding as a good wedding can be, they’re rarely predictable. Perhaps that’s part of what makes them so special, but we at Remus Uomo like to know that we can rely on at least one thing: style.


At the core of all great formalwear is expert tailoring. One can experiment with shades, patterns and fabrics ad nauseam, but if the piece doesn’t fit, it’s all academic. That’s why Remus Uomo offers a free tailoring service in-store. We’re on-hand to ensure that your trousers have the perfect break, your jacket sleeves show just the right amount of shirt cuff and your waistcoat flatters your form rather than restricts it.


So, now we’ve got the measure of you; let’s work out the correct colours. This season, pale grey is all the rage, a subtle enough shade to blend into even the most traditional wedding party, yet a refreshing change from the earthier tones of much heritage inspired groomswear. We can recommend this tapered-fit three-piece, paired with a wool-silk tie and whip-smart burgundy brogues for an additional point of difference.


Wedding Style


Intricate patterning is another good way of adding a subtle point of difference to your look on the big day. The fine geometric pattern woven into this dashing dinner suit, for example, will only be picked up by the eagle eyed but gives a certain flourish beyond the traditional tuxedo. Similarly, a subtle use of pattern in our range of ties and accessories provide a focal point around which to build a memorable individual look and add accent colours to tie in with the colour theme of your big day.


Wedding Style


Looking for something a little bolder? This x-slim-fit checked suit, in rich navy, bursts with fine detail and eye-catching patterns without spilling into garishness. A crisp, buttoned-up white shirt will serve to keep things suitably sophisticated while accentuating the boldness of your tailoring and accessories. Top it off with a silver pocket square to complete a look that is as elegant as it is idiosyncratic.


Wedding Style


Further to that, it’s worth bearing in mind that weddings these days come in many forms. The style brief may not be as prim and proper as those of yesteryear, which means more freedom in your style. Therefore, it may be worth considering a few non-formal touches to give your look an ultra-modern edge. Try offsetting those sharp trousers with a pair of wedge derby shoes, or substituting your formal shirt with a relaxed Cuban-collar piece that’s perfect for those balmy summertime occasions.


Wedding Style


If your heart’s set on keeping with a more formal look though, we’ve got you covered too. This slick three-piece, in debonair racing green with grid-check detailing, is conventional enough to sate the most conservative mother-in-law, but its slim silhouette and contemporary cut will play equally well before more modern sympathies.


Wedding Style


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