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Photo Special: Summer Festival Highlights

Festival season: a highlight of every creative’s calendar, not to mention the diaries of much of the general music-loving public. We love this time of year. The sheer volume of life changing experience that suddenly becomes available within a relatively slim time period and easy geographical reach makes for an exhilarating few weeks, and we’ve been doing our best to make the most of it this year. The UK and Ireland are particularly well served by music and arts festivals

Here are a few photo highlights from our summer so far.  

The Kooks Belsonic Belfast 

Photo: Facebook.com/BelsonicBelfast

June - Belsonic: The Kooks reminded us all to “be who you are.” 


 Arcade Fire Previewed New Song

Photo: Facebook.com/BelsonicBelfast

June – Belsonic: Arcade Fire previewed new songs from their forthcoming record that hinted at a possible disco-tinged future for the band.


 Foo Fighters Pyramid Stage Glastonbury

Photo: Facebook.com/GlastonburyOfficial 

June – Glastonbury: Whoever said rock music is dead, or even hibernating, got a facefull of Foo Fighters back in June.


 Blissfields kicking off Metronomy

Photo: Robert Stainforth / Blissfields 

July – Blissfields: Metronomy kicked off their summer with a Saturday night headline slot at the hugely acclaimed mini-festival.


Lady Leshurr live as the breakout at 

Photo: Tony Jupp / Blissfields

July – Blissfields: Lady Leshurr held herself as the breakout act of summer ‘17.


Tom Grennan on main stage of Blissfields 

Photo: Glen Jevon / Blissfields

July – Blissfields: One of our previous Artist Spotlight features, Tom Grennan took the sweaty main stage reigns on the hottest weekend of the year.


The Cinematic Orchestra in his emotional set 

Photo: Paul Bevan / Blissfields

July – Blissfields: The Cinematic Orchestra looked suitably moody for this stunning and emotional set.

LIMF: DJ Spoony and the 40-piece Royal Northern College of Music


July – LIMF: DJ Spoony led the 40-piece Royal Northern College Of Music Session Orchestra in some garage classics.


Sub Focus at the Secret Garden Party 

Photo: Carolina Faruolo / Fanatic 2017

July – Secret Garden Party: It took more than a bit of rain to put Sub Focus off their game in the Collo-silly-um’s RAM v Hospital takeover.


Bringing life to a muddy festival at the Secret Garden Party 

 Photo: Jenna Foxton / Fanatic 2017

July – Secret Garden Party: Quickest way to bring a muddy festival back to life. Instant colour in 3, 2, 1…


 Secret Garden Party: Tearing down the religion of celebrity 

Photo: Danny North / Fanatic 2017

July – Secret Garden Party: There’s nothing like going out on a bang. Gardeners tore down the religion of celebrity at their final ever party.

It’s been an incredible summer of music and with precious few festivals still to happen it all feels very much like the end of a season. But what a season it was. What was your highlight from this summer’s festivals? Who are the hottest acts lighting up your Spotify playlist right now – let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @remusuomo