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Spotlight: Mura Masa

It’s less than three years since singer songwriter and producer Alex Crossan began uploading music on Soundcloud but as ‘Mura Masa,’ he has already been hailed as one of the UK’s most exciting artists and counts Skrillex, Diplo and The Bieber in his fandom.

Those early bedroom uploads set the groundwork of boxy oriental-influenced beats, trip-hoppy vocals and soothing strings which underpin Mura Masa’s distinctive style. A style which is gaining mainstream influence with his recent collab with cooler-than-most-pop princess Charlie XCX.

Mura Masa Chrlies XCX

The sound is identifiably his own, yet part of a movement for intelligent electronic music with a contemporary edge that is the soundtrack to countless chill outs for a new generation of UK party people.

Hailing originally from Guernsey, Alex credits the remoteness from a strong music scene as a key part of his musical education. Being removed from the immersive soundscapes of London and other major cities gave him the opportunity to broaden his influences and musical education – something which has been integral to the development of his sound.

Now based in the ancestral home of trip-hop, Brighton, Mura Masa is being credited alongside acts such as James Blake and Hudson Mohawke as part of a new cohort of electronic artists who are taking UK music to exotic and interesting new places.

mura masa

The unassuming 20 year old has also wowed at live shows, backed by a plethora of up and coming vocalists and urban music collaborators. He is firmly part of the vanguard for Anchor Point records – a swelling wave of new urban and electronic artists which is ready to break across the mainstream and now is the time to discover (if you haven’t already) his sumptuous and effortlessly cool music.