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Style Heroes & Fashion Villains: Prom Edition

Prom, formal, grad ball or debs - whatever they call it where you are, your end of high-school celebration marks a transition from one era of your life to another and as such, has always been fertile ground for Hollywood. Getting your look right for prom or for any evening wear themed event is so important. Lucky for you, we’re here to give you some pointers on perfecting your look for your big night. And what better way than to look at some classic Hollywood Prom Movies for inspiration?


CARRIE (1976)

The first Stephen King adaptation to make its way to the big screen, this Oscar-winning horror also features one of the most memorable, high school prom scenes. It’s a true cinematic gem, but while the styles might have dated (just a tad) you have to applaud Carrie’s Prom date, Tommy for his brave choice of clashing fabrics (velvet lapels anyone?). Mixing textures in a more sophisticated way is a great way to add interest to your look and bring your style bang up to date. Try one of our knitted cotton waistcoats to get all of the glory and none of the gory…


Carrie Prom Scene




A golden era Brat Pack movie from the acclaimed 80’s romcom king, John Hughes. Like The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles, this film is a snapshot of American life when shopping at the Mall and the latest “rad look” meant everything. It’s true that fashion is cyclical and Duckie’s patterned blue jacket is pretty on trend right now (less said about the black opal neck adornment, the better). For something a little darker and more subtle try our slim-fit blue camo jacket, paired with a plain pointed collar shirt and black narrow tie.

Duckie in pretty in pink

camouflage jacket evening wear



Alan Cumming’s millionaire (who gave zero F’s) sports a nicely casual take on the typical prom outfit in the movie’s climactic scene and kudos for mixing his trouser / waistcoat combo with a pair of comfortable sneakers - ideal for dancing with two girls at once.

 romy and michelle suit sneakers

minimalist white trainers


Before they played The Joker and Robin respectively, Heath Ledger and Joseph Gordon Levitt were mere hapless teens in this now much-referenced teen rom-com. While JGL looked smooth in simple black, Ledger’s rebellious open collar and eye-catching blue jacket certainly helped him stand out. Our advice, keep it clean and simple to get this look right.

 10 things blue dinner jacket

Classic blue suit



The fetchest social event of the year, The Spring Fling was ruled by the girls while the majority of the guys kept it modest with conventional black tie. If you’re all about stopping the show, then look no further than Damian and Janice's his'n'hers electric purple tuxedos. However, if your style is a little less Prince-inspired, we’d recommend our slim fit navy dinner suit to add just enough edge to make you stand out from the fashion pack.  

tuxedo eveningwear

cool tuxedo


The lesson with all of the above examples is to try to balance your desire to make an impression with creating a stylish look that won't have you cringing at the photos by the time you get to uni. Have you bought your outfit yet? Tag @remusuomo in your prom pics to show us your style!