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The Art of Summer Style

After the fits and starts of spring’s damp squib, summer seems to be embracing us at last. Even for the most fashion-conscious man, this season can be one of dilemmas and misjudgements as the warmth and humidity do their level best to disturb the balance between style and comfort. Allow us to guide you through the coming months with a range of men’s summer fashion, tailored to the kinds of situations in which you might soon find yourself and ensuring you look great in the face of whatever the weather has in store. 


A good friend has invited you to their idyllic, fairytale wedding, whose perfection you just know (or hope) will be reflected by the weather. Who are you, then, to let the side down? One must look suitably dashing for such an occasion, no matter how blazing the heat. Therefore, breathable cottons and sturdy footwear are the order of the day, and we think we can help with that. For evidence of the perfect gent’s wedding suit, check out this slim fit cotton two piece suit, pair with a formal shirt with one of this season's most on trend prints (camoflage), a tonal tie and these two-tone, leather Derby shoes.

Men's summer wedding suits


Those long, balmy summer evenings are best spent outdoors, drink in hand, surrounded by impeccably dressed people like yourself. These may be relaxed affairs, but that’s no reason to muffle your sartorial conscience. Channel your inner Gatsby with a light, linen blazera simple polo and the clean lines of these slim-fit chinos, pair with a suitably minimalist white sneaker to finish the look.

Mens summer garden party outfit


The boozy, stamina-testing weekends of music and adventure that serve as milestones in the summer calendar are not the time for unnecessary complexities. Nobody wants to be pressing the perfect crease into a pair of fine woollen trousers with a travel iron in a muddy field. Men’s festival outfits require you to look good – obviously – but hassle must be kept to a minimum. With this in mind, you’d do worse than a well-fitted teedurable leather sneakers and a robust pair of straight-leg jeans.

men's festival outfit


Board shorts, garishly ill-advised tunics, socks ‘n’ sandals… the list of beach-induced men’s wardrobe malfunctions is potentially-infinite. Let’s try and put a stop to such clumsiness. As is so often the case, less can be more here – spend the day in our slim-leg chino shorts, an understated printed tee and lightweight sneakers, and you can stop worrying about looking like a dad who’s lost his metal detector.  ​

mens beach summer holiday outfit

The art of men’s summer fashion is all about creating that perfect balance of comfort, colour and style. Check out our Spring/Summer Lookbook for more style inspiration!