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This Side of Paradise: Unveiling the Remus Uomo AW17 Collection

Since the advent of the art deco and art moderne movements, the influence of the architecture and visual artwork of the 1920s and ‘30s has never been far from the cutting-edge of the fashion world; the intricacy and sophistication of that era is particularly en vogue just now. The enduring, decadent beauty of that era’s aesthetic is time-honoured yet limitless in its potential for design innovation; here at Remus Uomo we embrace both of those virtues wholeheartedly, and we couldn’t be prouder to have been able to channel their influence into our new collection for autumn/winter 2017.  As a discerning follower of the Remus Uomo Journal, we’re sure you’ll recognise our contemporary take on the elegant, elongated shapes and bold, geometric patterns which evoke the style of the period as a major feature across the new range. This, then, is your guide to that most glamorous of eras – allow us to point you in the direction of some highlights of that time right at the onset of popular culture, and explain why and how we think they deserve to be engaged with in 2017.


What to watch


The 1920s witnessed one of the most important events in the history of popular culture: the dawn of the “talkie”, or motion picture with recorded sound and speech. Yet the arguable masterpiece of the era, the film that has become more emblematic of the age than perhaps any other, was silent. Fritz Lang’s Metropolis (1927) drew upon many of the most vital art movements of its time – Bauhaus, Cubism and Futurism, to name but a few – to create a vision of a dystopian "what-if" that was utterly visionary and totally without precedent. Orwell and Kubrick carried the fire for overwhelmingly immersive sci-fi admirably in its wake, but Metropolis was a singular work, and one that could not have been made under any cultural conditions other than those created by the artistic developments of the 1920s.


What to listen to


Of course, this whole era is synonymous with one style of music – it is, after all, known as the Jazz Age. There’s so much fantastic music to recommend here: the work of figures like Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington provided the soundtrack to the sophisticated debauchery of a generation, and by the mid-to-late 1930s, one of the 20th century’s most important singers, Ella Fitzgerald, was on the fast-track to enormous repute. For evidence of this period’s continuing influence on contemporary culture, we’d suggest checking out some of modern music’s finest, most forward-looking jazzers, such as The Comet Is Coming, Kamasi Washington, and even the Los Angeles jazz-electro-hip-hop maverick, Flying Lotus. All of these artists owe a significant debt to the pi​oneering jazz of its eponymous age, and sound all the more vital for it.


...And most importantly, how to look


Unleash Your Inner Gatsby


Think of the Jazz Age and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s iconic novel immediately springs to mind. Gratuitous, highbrow hedonism was the order of the day, and this new Flocked Geometric Smoking Jacket with its contrast velvet collar provides a cutting-edge take on the opulence of Fitzgerald’s doomed hero.


Slim Fit Wool-Blend Smoking Jacket


Pattern Theory


The use of deco inspired pattern is a prominent motif throughout the collection, from knitted polos, to sweaters, to ties and accessories. The use of repetitive design is a great way of tying your look together, creating intricacies that will leave a lasting impression on those heads you’re turning.


 Slim Fit Merino Wool-Blend Long Sleeve Polo Shirt


Deco Detailing


Art deco and art moderne-inspired patterns are used a little more subtly in the detailing of our blazer collection. By opting for a little more restraint in these designs, you’ll be able to push the boat out that bit further elsewhere in your outfit. Check our linings and discreet trim details of tweed and wool jackets for a suitably understated way to reference the trend.


Slim Fit Checked Wool-Rich Jacket