The start date will be 1st February 2019 and it will run until 28th February 2019

  1. Organizing company

The company Douglas & Grahame, owner of the brand Remus Uomo (Remus Uomo, 15 Sloefield Drive, Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim, BT38 8GX), is organizing a CONTEST called “Spring Break”, via the Remus Uomo Instagram page, valid only in the Republic of Ireland. This contest will be held from 1st February 2019 – 28th February 2019.

The mere fact of participation implies knowledge and acceptance, with no reserves or condition, of the present rules. The participant should read and accept these rules before participating in this contest.

The contest is open to all and participation is free of charge to all the participants (no purchase or payment of any kind is necessary to enter or win). In case of mistake or conflict, any decision taken by 3Ireland or Remus Uomo cannot be appealed.


  1. Lack of association with Facebook / Instagram

Facebook or Instagram does not sponsor, endorse or administer this contest in any way, and is not associated with it. Users are totally separate from Facebook / Instagram and are aware that they are providing their information to the company Douglas & Grahame and not to Facebook. The information provided will be used to manage competitors’ participation.


  1. Contest procedure

This competition is the secondary element to a competition organised through 3Plus, 3 Ireland’s Rewards programme.

To take part in the primary contest entrants must download the3Plus Rewards app, click on the competitions tab and click to enter the competition. Entrants will receive a confirmation text from 3Plus. Details and terms and conditions ofr the primary competition can be found here: xxxxxxxx

After entering the primary competition, entrants will receive their confirmation text from 3Plus. Primary competition entrants will also receive a second message with details of this social media competition. This second text will contain a link to a specific Instagram post, Users must follow the Remus Uomo Instagram account and comment ‘Spring Break’ on the linked post to be entered into the secondary prize draw.

To be eligible to participate in the primary contest, competitors must: 

- Be an individual at least 16 years of age

- Be a member of the 3Plus Rewards program


To be eligible to participate in the secondary contest, competitors must:

- Be an individual at least 16 years of age

- Have a real Instagram user page

- Follow the official Instagram page of Remus Uomo

- Comment “Spring Break” on the contest publication

Each person can only participate once and must meet all the requirements above.

All responses shall be accepted that comply with the present rules and are received on the Remus Uomo official Instagram page.

Employees of the organizing company or 3Ireland are excluded from both contests and thus cannot participate in either.

Remus Uomo won’t accept comments or messages against the law, racist, religious, political, with pornographic content or advocating terrorism.

  1. Prizes

A computer application will be employed to export all "likes" received on the publication for the drawing to an Excel spreadsheet that will automatically number all participants.

Via a random number generator, a winning number and two runners-up will be generated.

Then the profile of the winner number will be manually checked to ensure that it meets the participation requirements set out in these rules. If not, runners-up 1 and 2 will then be checked successively. If none of them comply with the requirements, another three random numbers will be generated, so that the prize does not end up being declared void.

If the winner’s privacy setting thus permits, he or she will receive notification of winning the prize and the instructions for receiving it, via a private message sent to his or her Instagram profile page. Otherwise, he or she shall be publicly asked to contact Remus Uomo In this case, the winner must contact Remus Uomo in a private Instagram message within the three (3) calendar days after the notification was published.

If the winner cannot be contacted within the 3 calendar days from the first contact attempt, or waives the prize, the winner will lose his or her right to claim the prize. The fact that the winner does not contact Remus Uomo within this period will entail renouncing the prize, while all the transferable rights inherent to holding the winning title will be expressly assigned perpetually to Remus Uomo although the participant shall not be able to claim for any right, compensation or indemnity of any type from Remus Uomo.

The prize for this competition will consist of a €250 Remus Uomo e-gift card.

The prize will not be broken down. Gift will be delivered to a specific email address indicated by the winner and will be valid for 12 months from date of issue, for use on orders delivered within the island of Ireland and on € transactions only.


  1. Provisos and limitations

The contest is open and public, with no discrimination for gender or nationality. Remus Uomo advocates equal opportunities and strict respect for good faith standards. For this reason, any abusive or fraudulent use of these rules will give rise to the participant’s consequent disqualification from the contest, Remus Uomo not being held liable, and without the disqualified person having any right to claim for compensation.

The organizing company reserves the right to disqualify any user or participant from the contest who defrauds, alters or hinders the smooth running and normal and regulatory course of the contest rules. The definition of causing fraud consists of, but is not limited to, detecting the use of applications outside the website; conducting abuse of queries to the server and all conducts that could be abusive and/or malicious.


Verification of any of these circumstances during the Contest will lead to the participant's automatic disqualification from the Contest, and the loss of the prize, if he or she had won it. Remus Uomo reserves the right to block and/or denounce profiles it suspects may be fraudulent or false. Remus Uomo reserves the right to take legal action against those persons who take any type of action liable to be considered manipulation or falsification of the promotion.

Remus Uomo is released from any responsibility in any of these cases:

(i)                  error in the data provided by the competitor awarded that prevents his or her identification or communications with this party

(ii)                possible losses, damages, thefts or any other circumstance attributable to the courier service that could affect the sending of the prize(s)

(iii)                temporary lack of availability or continuity in operating the services via which it participates in the contest, defrauding the usefulness that users could have attributed to them and, in particular, although not exclusively, access failures to the different pages and mailings of participation responses via the internet, or telephone communications enabled to this end

(iv)              delays, losses or damages for causes not attributable to it

(v)                cases of force majeure

 The organizing company is exempt from all responsibility if any of the cases above should take place, as well as any responsibility for damages and losses that could occur while enjoying the prize.

Remus Uomo reserves the right to make changes that have an impact on the successful completion of the contest when there are just causes or force majeure that prevent it from being carried out in the manner set out in these legal rules.

Remus Uomo reserves the right to defer or extend the Contest period, and the power to interpret the present legal rules.

 The organizing company reserves the right to shorten, extend, modify or cancel this promotion if exceptional circumstances take place that prevent it from being carried out, reporting these circumstances so that any damages to Contest participants are prevented.


  1.  Data protection

The data provided by participants will be handled confidentially and compiled in an automated file with personal data, where Remus Uomo is the owner and responsible for this file for the purpose of managing and promoting the present contest.

Remus Uomo reserves the right to use the winner’s name and address for the purpose of using them for advertising purposes related to the present promotion.

Participants who have supplied their personal data, may contact Remus Uomo in its capacity as the owner of the file, in order to freely exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation, opposition or any other rights developed by the future Regulation (EU) 2016/679.


  1. Acceptance of the rules

 The mere fact of participation implies knowledge and acceptance, with no reserves or condition, of the present rules, due to which any statement of totally or partially not accepting them will lead to the participant’s exclusion and, consequently, Remus Uomo shall be released from compliance with the obligation taken on with the participant in question.


  1. Competent jurisdiction

 Any questions that could arise from the interpretation of the present document, the parties shall submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts, expressly renouncing any other jurisdiction that could be applicable to them.


The contest and the prizes are ruled by the current tax legislation.


© 2019 Remus Uomo. Remus Uomo, 15 Sloefield Drive, Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim, BT38 8GX


All rights reserved.