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Party Season Masterpieces

The run up to Christmas and New Year is one of the most exciting seasons for men’s style. As well as all those perfectly co-ordinated layers you’ll be wearing to beat the dropping temperatures, Christmas presents a regular series of occasions to get dressed up and hit the town in style.

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But this year, abandon the novelty Christmas jumpers or the OTT “sparkly going out shirt” and go bold but stylish with our range of evening wear.

Rich, luxurious texture is a major theme in menswear this season and nothing says ‘winter luxury’ like velvet. Our new velvet dinner jackets look fabulous paired with a black slim fit, mix and match suit trouser and well-polished dress shoe. The velvet is naturally a breathable but warm fabric for the winter but the satin lapel and trim details give this piece the classy edge to snatch any “best dressed man” prize.

The jacket, available in black, midnight blue and burgundy - evokes the decadence of the roaring twenties, a major theme in fashion for the year ahead, so this look will keep you in style for more than one yuletide party season.

Velvet is a great edition to your evening wear wardrobe but, if it’s not your thing, you can still make a statement at your next black tie event without resorting to an “adventurous” bow tie. A well-fitted dinner suit is an essential item in every man’s style armoury. But as men become more confident in the style game, the need arises to go that one step beyond for very special occasions. Our new “Rocco” dinner suit is the perfect solution.

A deep shade of midnight blue, with black satin lapels and trim details, the fabric also carries a subtle geometric pattern. The subtle shade and understated pattern are fantastic details to set you apart from the herd without wearing something which screams “look at me!”

The essence of men’s style is always dressing appropriately for the occasion and the apparent uniformity of men’s evening wear always presents a dilemma for the confident stylisto. It’s difficult to “stand out” in a sea of black and white dinner suits but the trick is to get compliments in person rather than stares from across the room.

What’s your biggest black tie no-no or dinner suit disaster? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Insta @remusuomo