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A Step Above: AW17 Footwear

For many years, men’s footwear ran along parallel lines – formal shoes like Oxfords, Derbys and Brogues (in any colour as long as it was black or brown) and on the other, sneakers or trainers from the major sporting brands. As the line has blurred between formal and casual across menswear, traditionally formal shoes have taken on some of the boldness of the sports shoe and sneakers have become more refined and toned down in their aesthetic.

 The good news is that there is now greater choice and flexibility in what and how to wear your shoes, whatever your style. Check out the latest additions to our footwear collection for some great new styles to step up your shoe game.

Sneak Up

Formal trousers with sneakers or the trainers with suit look is everywhere now but it’s still surprisingly easy to get this look wrong. This look can be sharp and stylish but is easy to get wrong and end up looking like a David Tenant-era Dr Who cosplayer. Keep your trainers sleek and minimal in design, like these leather sneakers, in order to offset your formalwear to proper effect.

minimalist mens black sneaker

Rise Above

Shoes with a chunky sole add extra comfort for the wearer as well as warmth and sturdiness for the winter months and of course, are bang on trend for aw17. This pair of leather wedge-soled derbies will provide your outfit with a fast, seasonally appropriate lift.

men's wedge sole burgundy shoe

Stand Out

Sometimes, a splash of colour can make the difference between a good outfit and a truly special one. However, leaving behind the relative safety of tan, brown or black footwear can be an intimidating prospect, so we recommend these burgundy wingtip brogues; they won’t distract attention from the exquisite tailoring of your suit, but they add a subtle point of difference which will set you apart from the black-shod masses nonetheless.

 mens burgundy brogue shoe

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