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Parallel Cities: Uptown Dublin

Ireland’s capital is city is booming once again, following an extended period of difficulty after the global financial crash. The obvious regeneration in big business is writ large across the city skyline, however, the crash also re-energised a now thriving indigenous cultural scene with a flood of exciting new independent bars, restaurants and coffee houses filling the spaces between the big corporate redevelopments.

Dublin in 2017 is a city of contradictions and stark juxtapositions, as the glittering steel and glass of the financial district rises from the grit and rubble of the former industrial harbour and high end hotels glower over graffiti strewn alleyways and character-filled cobbled streets. The city itself was the inspiration for our upcoming winter campaign “Parallels” which considers the two very different sides of this modern European capital and a man who might call both cities ‘home.’

In the first of this two part Scene Report, we’re exploring the uptown Dublin of high culture, high end restaurants and the cities most glamorous nightspots.

What To Do

Dublin’s art scene is simultaneously respectful to its past and present; the National Gallery of Ireland houses one of Europe’s most comprehensive collections of modern and historical art, whereas smaller galleries like the Royal Hibernian Academy and the Oliver Cornet Gallery strike a superb balance between arcane artefacts and bracingly forward-thinking work.

The National Gallery of Ireland 


Where To Eat

Forest Avenue – this relatively new addition to the Dublin gastro scene refers to itself as a “neighbourhood dining room” and we suppose, it depends on your particular neighbourhood as to whether you’ll find this descriptor slightly misleading. While this is a whole postcode away from the stuffy formality of traditional fine dining, don’t think for a minute that this isn’t modern Irish cuisine at its most elevated.

The ‘neighbourhood’ label simply refers to the sense of warmth and conviviality which founders John and Sandy Wyer so successfully pull off in this gem of a restaurant. It’s modern Irish cuisine at its best, which is so ‘haute’ right now.


Forest Avenue - Dublin


Where To Party

The Rooftop at The Marker – The Marker Hotel has become the urban hub of Dublin’s new social elite and the spiritual home of the capital’s upmarket partygoer. Its sleek modern interior and understatedly glamorous rooftop bar are the antidote to the brash glitz of venues which rose to prominence during the flashy days of the Celtic Tiger.

Confident, refined and stylish, The Marker epitomises the new uptown Dublin and its rooftop bar is the perfect place to sip a cocktail while surveying the city below.


Rooftop Bar at The Marker Hotel


Where To Shop

No review of Dublin menswear shopping would be complete without mentioning our newly opened flagship Irish store. Located on Dublin’s famous St. Stephen’s Green, the store has a chic modern interior which beautifully offsets the features of this historic former coach house building. Remus Uomo at 12 St Stephen’s Green is Dublin’s latest menswear destination.


Remus Uomo - Dublin

Remus Uomo - Dublin

Remus Uomo - Dublin

Remus Uomo - Dublin


Get a sneak peek at our upcoming film below and look out for the full film debuting next week on our YouTube channel or over on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.